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One Year
It's been a year,
how can this be?
It seems just like yesterday,
when I was falling into Hell.
I don't like it here...
It's lonely without you.
I don't have my other half any more,
and my mind just doesn't seem quite clear.
You're too far away.
And there's no chance I can bring you back.
I have to wait a life time now,
and oh how it seems so long.
I remember all the times,
that we said I love you.
I promise, I really do.
I remember standing in my yard,
kissing you goodbye.
I didn't know it would be the last time.
Oh... it hurts so bad.
The pain that went thru you,
so quick you didn't feel it
Is being drug out inside of me,
the slowest bullet of them all.
The bullet of time,
the bullet of misery.
I know that when you left
you took half of me too
I feel it missing ever the more
& there are days I am just so, so lost.
Forgive me if I ramble on
I'm not used to sharing any more;
You were my secret box, my keepsake.
So much alike, you and I
And now I feel all alone.
It gets better right?
I f
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I Miss You Today.
I miss you today.
it's not really a bad thing,
but It's not that great either.
The stars at night
just aren't as bright.
Maybe it's because of the last time
when we were together...
The stars came from your eyes.
The sun doesn't feel
as warm as normal.
Maybe because of the last time
your arms were over my own.
The rain pounds harder
and isn't as graceful as normal.
Maybe because of the last time
when I was kissing you in the storm.
I miss you today.
It's not really a bad thing,
but it's not that great either.
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Simply Me, My Dears by darkness-in-light627 Simply Me, My Dears :icondarkness-in-light627:darkness-in-light627 0 1
Let's play a game.
Lets play a game,
a game with a twist.
I'll make your heart flutter,
Or make your eyes mist.
I'll push you up high,
as high as the clouds.
But then I might drop you,
in the midst of the crowds.
So take a chance,
run, run with me.
And i might make your dreams,
so possible; you see.
So tell me my dear,
is it really worth the risk?
If it is, just say so;
seal it with a kiss.
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Ever wonder...
what happened?
why did we fall apart?
How come we don't speak?
Where is that spark?
Ever question...
What's my purpose?
Why am I here?
Who do i really effect;
those I hold dear ?
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My gift of the Graces.
So I've found someone new,
and I can tell he really cares.
i feel like he was sent to me,
by the grace of wings in the air.
I think my angel,
knew i needed some love.
So he sent me this boy,
after push came to shove.
So Christopher I thank you,
for sending this guy down for me.
I knew- from the moment he spoke,
what in him you wanted me to see.
There's a bit of you in there,
behind the love in his eyes.
How truthful his words are,
never scorching with little white lies.
So I have my perfect person,
the one to help me through the harder times.
I know he was sent here,
to tell me eventually everything will be just fine.
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To My Friends of 2010
throw up the caps,
and let go of the fears.
This is finally the time,
you've been dreaming for years.
Make the most of it,
and don't let it slip past.
Your entire life lies before you,
just within grasp.
So smile through all the times,
and keep these memories held tight.
And know that true friends,
will always be within sight.
You'll go off to different places,
some to those you never knew.
But you'll still remember each other,
in all that you see and do.
So congrats to the class,
of two thousand and ten.
My love to you,
I will so fully send.
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Long ago.
So long ago it feels,
you flew away from me.
The pain still comes in bursts,
not easy for the naked eye to see.
They say it gets easier with time,
but that, my love, is a lie.
I feel the pain of my heart daily,
and I can't help but sigh.
How do you really keep living,
when half of you dies ?
All I can really say to that question,
is that I guess you have to cry.
So, since no one understands,
I've learned to just put a smile in the right place.
At least until that fateful day,
that I once again see your face.
Miss you christopher.
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ten months
My chest hurts,
my heart constricts.
I didn't believe,
there was pain like this.
Ten months, seriously?
how can it hurt this badly.
I hate it now, i hated it then,
is it really that hard for others to see ?
Pain pain,
just go away.
Don't you have someone else to tornment,
for at least one day ?
I know I'm strong,
but I'm about to break.
To endure this pain forever...
.there's too much at stake.
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i miss you.
The one that used to wake me up at 2 a.m. just to talk,
the one that held my hand under the covers so my parents wouldn't see.
The one that knocked on my window at seven thirty one day,
because he knew I was sick and wanted to make it better.
The one who was there every time my heart hurt,
and put it back together every single time without being asked too.
The one who soared my heart to new heights,
and helped me when I struggled with emotions unknown to either of us.
The one who kissed me behind the shed,
rode bikes and walked the dog with me.
The one who promised to always be there for me,
and never break my heart.
The one that always seemed to know when it was dinner time,
and showed up at my house.
The one who swore to always watch over and protect me....
The one I named Whiskers four years ago, and my baby for life.
I miss you.
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In the Midst of All the Action
The second portion of the assignment; to be in the midst of a crowd; ball game, mall, where ever there are a lot of people.
I chose a ball game. A Baseball game to be more accurate and exact. Start with their dress. Most come sporting their favorite teams attire upon their shirts and hats. If it's a warm day, as it is today, shorts are the most common choice of lower wear.
As to why people act the way that they do whenever they are in this sort of setting? It's simple, in all actuality. If one person is acting loud- cheering for a player, making hollering noises that at any other time would see obnoxious- other people will more than likely start in as well. It's because it's APPROPRIATE to do in this specific setting.
Others, who seemed to be dragged there by parents or other family members, often are more or less, alone. They sit there with some form of entertainment that they brought with them from home, generally an iPod or a book, and try to ignore the bustling crowd on all sides o
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Due to the limitation of mobility, I was prohibited from going anywhere "foreign". However , I did go off into the woods that I havent' stepped foot in, in well over a year.
Entering the forest, it is anything but quiet. Yes, it is void of all sounds made by man, but there is still so much noise, so much natural music.
In essence, yes, I am completely and thoroughly, alone; and I like it. I've always enjoyed having some solitude whenever I can fit it into the busy days schedule, but here it's even more so. I can ponder upon my own thoughts, or choose to observe other life at hand, ignoring my own for a small expanse of time.
As for why I don't do this more often; it's simple in a way really. Time. The inevitable that is time doesn't always allow me to be able to just have a moment or so to myself. Plus, if I had that time, I wouldn't really want to spend it in these woods; not here. There is too much of a past roaming around in this area, and only here, is wildlife at it's natural. I h
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Love songs
Most think it's stupid,
those love songs that they hear.
There's no way that really exist,
that type of life is no where near.
Elated happiness,
uncontrollable joy?
Who says that can't happen,
to a girl and to a boy?
I used to too,
don't think I didn't doubt.
I never really understood,
what all the fuss was about.
But now it seems so different,
the world in another light.
Just like in those silly love songs,
I can't stand having you out of sight.
A crooked smile,
a sweet little laugh.
To send me head over heels,
on no one but his behalf.
So maybe it's not stupid,
those love songs we hear.
Just maybe they really do exist,
that type of life is very near.
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Standing on this shore,
standing with you tonight.
There's nothing more I wish to do,
Than to keep you within reach and sight.
This is silly,
it's so..unreal.
It's a feeling I didn't really think,
I'd ever again be able to feel.
Those hazel eyes,
flecked grass green with brown.
Say more to me,
than any utterance of sound.
Such a silent night,
such a perfect night.
What an amazing way to end the day,
with you in my sight.
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New Thought
"You're short"
"You're just too tall"
"I'm not too tall,
you're just too small"

"I like your hair"
"I like your smile"
I like this kind of feeling,
it's different this time around.
So what if my words don't make sense,
and my sentences aren't perfectly correct.
This is such a new feeling,
leaving me in retrospect.
Such a difference,
between you and I.
Such newfound fondness,
neither one of us too shy.
I can't wait to see,
what will become of me.
I can't wait to see,
what becomes of thee.
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The Forest
That's all that there is around you… and yet, you're perfectly fine with that. The nearest person is just a few feet away, the next, and the same distance, on your other side. You're lying on the cold, damp earth; the smell of spring not in the air like it would be back home. One of your partners across the field from you signals you; a short, harsh whistle, that sounding briefly of a whippoorwill; then cutting off as fast as it had began.
You set your gaze down the hard, cool barrel of your gun… waiting. You have no idea what's advancing upon you, it hasn't reached around the bend in the field yet for you to see… but it must be important; for your partner wouldn't have signaled you if it wasn't.
Quick steps are heard thundering towards where you lay. It's not a man, but an animal. Four hooves, pounding the earth down with every stomp that it takes.
You shift, only ever so slightly; allowing safe measure to make sure your weight doesn't crack any twig that may h
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and i write for freedom,
and i write for love.
i write for feelings,
i write for my thoughts.
i write for all of the above :)





Wolf of Flame
United States
-My name is Elizabeth (:
-I go by just about anything.
-I stand five one, yes- i'm short :shrug:
-Student at University of Louisville
-- College of Arts and Sciences, ASL
- One Niece,Two Nephews, they equal my love
-Lover of all music
-Catholic, but an individual believer.
-Friendly, so let's chat :D

Current Residence: Hell
deviantWEAR sizing preference: m
Print preference: small please :)
Favourite genre of music: everything is good =]
Favourite photographer: lightsofthenights
Favourite style of art: im not real picky.
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Wallpaper of choice: fire&ice
Skin of choice: wolf.
Personal Quote: spam. fun to spell, bad to eat...seriously. [to thisita]
TEN things you want to say to TEN different people.

1. I miss you. I miss our past, our love, our old times. I got over you, with no real answers. And I'm glad we are friends now and I can write to you while you're away. Can't wait for you to be home, so we can reminisce some more.

2. I love you, but I don't know.. I really don't anymore.

3.WHY ARE YOU SO DAMN CONFUSING?! I mean, forreal. Grow a pair. Please. Just. Do. It. already.

4. I miss you more than anyone. I can't believe you've been gone for over three years. It's almost your birthday, my heart breaks every day that you're not around. Crushes me inside, while I smile on the outside.

5. You are an amazing writer! OhmaiGod, I love to read your book, and I'm so happy that I was one of the few that you let read the updated version :D YouRock :D

6. What is your plan for me? Where are you leading me? Why this way? Why that way? Up, down, left, right? Figure it out.

7. You're like the big sister I always wanted, but didn't end up with. You're a great coworker and a fantastic friend. I'm definitely jealous of justttt about everything you are capable of; and i know we always have each other's back.

8. My favorite Aunt, I love you. Plain as that. You're always there for me, and you understand me.

9. I don't like you. You're rude, bigoted, egotistical, and just a plain, flat out asshole

10. Get your shit together, mate.

NINE things about yourself:

1. I am more confused now than i ever have been
2. I have athazagoraphobia
3. I haven't had the time to read a book for fun in the last year
4. I'm catholic (bottoms up!)
5. I am on Pinterest and Twitter entirely way too much
6. I am at University to study ASL
7. I prefer Deaf people over hearing people
8. I work at UPS
9. Family is everything

EIGHT ways to win your heart:

1. be funny
2. don't lie to me
3. Be there for me
4. Love me
5. Honesty is key
6. Be yourself
7. Tell me things you wouldn't tell anyone else
8. Must have southern values

SEVEN things that cross your mind a lot:

1. The future
2. Work- as in, crap- when am I supposed to come in ?!
3. Children
4. My beautiful niece and nephews
5. My Deaf Events
6. College
7. My family

SIX things you couldn't live without:

1. My support system
2. Air
3. Food/water
4. my family
5. my doggies
6. My best friend

FIVE turn offs:

1. thinking you're always right
2. inability to listen to reason
3. annoying
4. I'm better then you attitude
5.  bitchyness

FOUR turn ons:

1. understanding
2. Caring
3. Passion
4. Forever

THREE smileys that describe your life:

1. :love:
2. :glomp:
3. :42:

TWO things you want to do before you die:

1. Figure out where my path leads
2. Go to Germany

ONE confession:

1. I confess that in all honesty, I'm a nineteen year old with a lot of options in my life, and that sometimes terrifies me. But I know I have a support system that will always keep me grounded and I know that they're there for me. No mistake I make will ever be too much for them to not understand. I am confused, young, sometimes immature. But I am supporting myself on my job and putting myself through school, so I am proud of where I am today
  • Listening to: Elvis


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